Jytte Fredholm Ferreira with origins in Sweden is a Wildlife Photographer, Animal Communicator, Travel Writer, diver, and sailor, with the greatest passion being Africa and its wildlife. She spends much her time in the bush on photographic expeditions and has travelled extensively in Southern and central Africa on her photographic journeys.
She is deeply involved in nature conservation and has won the prestigious award from SKAL international for media and conservation.
Her unique perspective of the photographs and the personal connection to the animals will hopefully provoke an emotional response from the reader.
The photographs are taken with the idea of evoking the same feeling in the reader, as when the photographs were taken out in the wild. Hopefully there will be transference of the animal’s emotions and in the messages, they wish to relay to us.
As a naturalist and passionate conservationist, Jytte feels there is an absolute urgency to create greater understanding, love and appreciation between us and nature for without it, our natural world and the wonders within will be lost…….